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Win Modern Warfare 2 Xbox!

November 9, 2009


If you feel good today (I mean, really good), you might wanna hit it here and win a special edition Xbox 360! It’s Modern Warfare 2 special Dukes.  With that High Speed – Low Drag looks (see above pic), the Modern Warfare 2 Xbox is a must win battle.

Here’s a trailer in case you’re really not aware of MW2. Feast those eyes with these flashbangin’ treats!

But most importantly, join the promo alright? Good luck and I’ll catch you online in the next 24-hours*. Lock n’ Load!

* Modern Warfare 2 ships tomorrow, Nov.10 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 gaming platforms.

[Kudos to CVG]


A Halloween Party…On The Wild Side

October 31, 2009


Get ready for a Halloween party on the wild side, the way only JET could deliver. There will be a $10,000 costume contest and special guest DJ Homicide from Sugar Ray drops in to take the party to the next level. JET got all the tricks and all the treats, and we want you to come get some!

  • Where: Jet Nightclub at Mirage, Las Vegas
  • When: Saturday, October 31, 2009
  • What time: 10:30 PM
  • Dress code: Proper Attire Required

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

[Source: Jet Nighclub]

Have A Happy Halloween Cleavage

October 31, 2009


It’s Halloween night folks! Time to get those costumes and Jack-o’-Lanterns out once again and go for some trick or treat-ing. If that’s not your thing, I’m sure these Halloween vixens will keep you occupied on this chilling -rather eerie- night. With cleavage sizes bigger than the average pumpkin, it will be a long cold evening I suppose. Even Dracula might get up earlier than the usual time slot by sensing these women juggling for some treats. I think that’s the proper way of celebrating Halloween eh? Throw a party for all the hot chicks! Set a dress code that requires some skin exposure. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Check out the Vixens after this jump!

Would You?: Melita Toniolo

October 11, 2009


Here’s an “S-class” Bellissima for you Duke. I dunno why Melita Toniolo isn’t gaining any exposure overseas. She needs to extend her hotness from Italy and beyond. It won’t be a tough task for her since, for whatever reason, she’s Italian. I’m certain with that because Mediterranean women are masters of the seductive art. is her official page. Although its under construction, I’m sure there’s enough reason to check it once in awhile until it gets back online. I bet you wouldn’t mind. She’s hard to resist. Hope we’re on the same page here y’all.

Check out this gallery. It’s dedicated to Melita. Enjoy.


Wait! Here’s Some Melita Videos…Yummy!

The “How Big Can Football Get?” Series Is Big Indeed

September 22, 2009

EA Sports Football showcase this year’s FIFA installment with the tagline “How Big Can Football Get?”. By that, EA meant this big advert:

Just wanna share you the global game and how it’s played in the virtual world by 10 zillion billion million hooligans on the planet! EA did the right thing by splashing out some big cash and get the likes of Rooney, Benzema, and Xavi on the commercial. Nothing gets better than seeing these star footballers playing as themselves in-game (kinda weird eh? But, yeah) surrounded by fans and celebrating as if every goal was the real deal. It’s all about getting on that game face I guess. Anyways, Let’s FIFA 10 Duke! Kick-off time will be on October 2 (Europe) / 20 (Rest of the world).

Plus: Watch the Behind-the-Scenes videos here!

Reinterpreting The Legendary Mercedes-Benz ‘Gullwing’

September 13, 2009


The new Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG hails from a different breed of super sports cars. Packing some 571 horses under the hood, this macho gull-wing will surely smoke out any competition. With the powerful AMG 6.3 liter, front-mid V8 engine, you can drive by anywhere (up to) 197mph at a time. But the most surprising aspect is the relatively frugal (for a supercar) fuel consumption of 21.4 mpg (combined). Reviving a legend from the 50’s surely isn’t bad after all eh? 2010 will be a great year for super sports cars as it welcomes back the Benz’ gull-wing to the market. In my opinion, gull-wings are great because they’re meant for easy access Duke. I simply like it, especially the easy access part.

If you have the means, you can catch a glimpse of this hot property at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt, Germany on Tuesday the 15th.

More Gullwing details after the jump

High-Tech Interaction With Hard Rock Cafe’s “Rock Wall”

September 9, 2009

Rock Wall

The economic sector of Las Vegas has hit an all time low since the end of last year. But it didn’t stop Hard Rock in setting up a Cafe along the strip.  The recently opened Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas (Est. September 5, 2009) saw an opportunity to attract customers, amidst the recession, by setting up an 18 x 4-feet interactive video wall. This is possibly the world’s highest resolution interactive display available to the public. That’s according to Obscura at least. Users can search by genre of music, type of item, year, type of music and location of the actual piece of memorabilia. Take note: every interaction on the Rock Wall is done in realtime. Plus, you can bring some other Dukes (up to 5) to research with it.

Yeah you might think it’s all trash talk, but wait til’ you see the clip below.

Hard Rock rocks hard. Cheers!

[Kudos to Obscura and Hard Rock Cafe]