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The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant is ON!

January 6, 2010

Probably the best idea so far this year comes from the “King of all media” himself — Howard Stern. Proposing a beauty pageant for Tiger Woods’s mistresses is just genius. It’ll be definitely interesting to see how this would turn out on his show. No kidding, Mr. Stern is ready to award $100,000 to the winner! Spot on whores!

Here’s the partial list of contestants eligible to participate on the said event:

Rachel Uchitel
Jaimee Grubbs
Kalika Moquin
Jamie Jungers
Cori Rist
Mindy Lawton
Holly Sampson
Joslyn James
Loredana Jolie
Michelle Braun
Julie Postle
Theresa Rogers

Howard believes – and I too believe – that Tiger has more than these (12 babes) under his belt.

No matter how fun the idea might sound, this pageant must be taken as serious as possible. Its indicated here that in order for a contestant to qualify for the Tiger Woods mistress beauty pageant, they must be “vetted” by scandal experts like TMZ or Access Hollywood before being added to the list of potential.

Wonder what kind of potential they’re talking about huh?

Anyways, I think its about time for the rest of the whores to come out and prove to the whole world who is Tiger’s hottest b*tch!

But I got to go for mistress #1 here Dukes. Rachel Uchitel is just built for sex.

[Kudos to the Examiner]
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  1. August 21, 2010 3:13 pm

    News>>> Read about Olivia Oneil losing the Miss Teen Crown and Fresh Hot News about the Beauuty Pageants in NZ

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