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5 Romantic Winter Getaways

December 26, 2009

Found a useful article on about tips on what activities might stimulate your partner’s ticklish senses this holiday season.  It might just prolong the Xmas spirit. Who knows. Here’s the rundown:

Getting away in the winter is a good idea for a lot of reasons. One of them is S.A.D., another is there’s a lot of winter recreation that you just can’t get down on when you live where we live. But the best reason to get away is (duh) to spend a little quality time with your old lady. Here’s 5 vacations you can take her on to stave off winter doldrums.


This is, perhaps, the largest and most competitive category in this list, and it’s extremely hard to narrow it down to just one. There are tons of awesome resorts in the U.S., many of which would be the ironically-named Ritz-Carlton at Bachelor Gulch. It’s ski-in-ski-out, but that’s a no brainer. It’s got fantastic restaurants, pools, hot tubs, a spa, and all the amenities you expect from a Ritz, but it’s also on the slopes of Beaver Creek which was voted America’s favorite ski resort by Ski magazine 13 of the last 17 years.


This gets its own category because both the level of skiing and the type of accommodations are so dramatically different from those offered in resorts falling into the above category. Especially when it comes to our pick for this: the Absinthe Yacht-based heliskiing trip. Not only are you able to move where the good weather is on your yacht, but you’ll be taking off from and returning to a luxury yacht with features like a private massage room, three Jacuzzis (one with waterproof internet/tv built into it), a wine cellar, and a 40 foot fishing boat. You might want to bring the optional 12 guests, though, as the per-day price is $48,000.


Snowshoeing is a decidedly less extreme avenue of romantic winter adventuring. But, there is definitely something to be said for eschewing the wind blisters and twisted knees that can sometimes accompany the faster paced vacations. There are plenty of destinations that are specifically aimed at snowshoers, plenty more that can easily accommodate them, but there’s only one that has in-built stops for Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and Hot Chocolate. The decision, at the point, is more of a question of flavor than location, in our opinion.


This one is a little tricky since bobsledding is pretty dangerous. If you’re into taking risks, though, for $2,000, you and your lady can go learn to bobsled like the boys in “Cool Runnings.”  However, using another lesson from that film about the laid back nature of the Caribbean, maybe the best option we found (and also the safest) for recreational bobsledding is the “Rainforest Jamaican Bobsled” which is basically a one-person, high-speed tour of the rainforest in a dry-land bobsled built into a resort who’s mission is to promote environmental awareness. Also, no snow boots required.


If, in your opinion, the best part about inclement weather is keeping out of it and next to a fireplace with your sweetheart, then perhaps traipsing through the woods or rocketing down a mountain of ice aren’t the ideal vacays. That’s okay. There’s plenty of luxurious chateus, cabins, bungalows, and other wintery abodes for you to hole up in for a night, weekend trip, or season. Try the Yellowstone Lodge at Mammoth Hot Springs where you’ll be miles away from the nearest cubicle, surrounded by mountains of snow on actual mountains, and privy to some of the most astounding natural beauty in our country.

Source: MadeMan’s article might just render the right amount of happiness to your parnter. But is she satisfied?

I believe satisfying her is the more important thing than making her just “happy”. To compliment the wonderful article, I’ve found some items to put that icing on the cake (per se).

First item on the board is…

Yeah, show this to your partner (maybe when you get back at the hotel) after those excruciating winter activities. And I’ve got a strong feeling that you’ll also need this / these…

Take note, these are “2Go”. Perfect for that adventurous couple.  Better be safe than sorry eh?

I heard that this Duke right here did nothing but follow the above steps wholeheartedly, ultimately ending up with multiple winter partners…

Who knows huh? So start packing things up! Go for the high slopes.

Enjoy the winter holiday season Dukes!

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