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‘Beer Pong’ iPhone App Generates $7K A Month

July 19, 2009


Talking about marketability? Beer Pong Challenge (for the iPhone) will show you how to earn $7,000 monthly, and that’s the minimum. Super Experiment, the game publisher, earns about $7,236 per month through full screen multimedia ads. Whew, that’s a lot of advertisements I must say. But to make that amount of money, Beer Pong Challenge should at least receive 2.3 million impressions a month. Spread over a few hundred thousand active users, that’s about 10 impressions per person, per month. Not bad. Especially for a small town gaming company, seven grand is more than enough to jump start more projects.

Yeah, Beer Pong Challenge is full of FTW! It earns quite a lot, considering the app doesn’t even get you drunk.  How’s that for marketability Duke?

Oh, you might wanna challenge Anna Kournikova first. She’s the top Beer Pong-er at the moment. See how she pwns the game here!

[Kudos to Business Insider]

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