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Call Of Duty: World At War #1 Player Is A Chick!

June 29, 2009


It’s official! Don’t you dare and speak about being the greatest in CoD:WaW Duke! Now I know who’s the real deal when it comes to online frag fests. Yeah, no one saw her coming. I’m pretty sure most of you never expected that the #1 CoD fragger worldwide is actually a she. In other words, we are pawn’d. Find out who’s the babe behind such killing spree after the jump.

The Frag Dolls, Ubisoft’s all-girl pro-gamer team, was initially regarded as yet another sex-in-advertising gimmick. That is until they got gals with names like Seppuku and Valkyrie who play a mean round of Soul Calibur and Halo. Their latest roster edition could easily be their most bad-ass (in a cute and totally dateable way) Doll to date.


Meet Lanai Gara aka Fidget. She’s from Oregon, 5′8″, naturally brown and once played Counterstrike for 21 hours straight. The NES got her hooked on gaming, her favourite title being Duck Hunt. Call of Duty 4 became her main addiction in 2007 and with COD World at War, she decided to take her skills further. She became #5 in the world on the Beta in FFA. With the game’s release, she quickly shot to #1 in the world before becoming a Frag Doll at E3 2009. During this period, she also co-founded Team V Gaming (the ‘V’ corresponding to her previous handle – Ms. Vixen), a 120-person strong team.

As she recounts on her FD blog:

“When I found out about the Frag Dolls I knew I had to apply and see what would happen. To make sure I was ready for whenever they announced a Casting Call, I made a point of proving that girls can play at the top by earning #1 in the world in Free for All on Call of Duty World at War. While playing Call of Duty through the wee hours of the night, I formed a team called Team V Gaming which had about 120 players at our peak. Together we ran through the leader boards, taking out one big name after another. Managing Team V Gaming gave me the experience to better understand gaming communities and the competitive edge gained through team work.”


You can head to her official blog to read more about her (as well as to the origins of her new handle). Or just admire her admittedly pretty pics. Decisions, decisions.

Source: Split-Screen


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