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Got Extra $200K? Then Go Stellar With Spaceport America

June 24, 2009


Commercial spaceflight is on its way Dukes. Just this past weekend, the first wave of construction on Spaceport America has began. Its purported to be finished in 18 months time which means, there’s enough time for you to book a space travel flight. That is if you’ve got $200,000 to spare. This is the next step in space exploration folks. Even with a high price tag, lots of Dukes have already enlisted so better hurry if you wanna try the exclusive space cruise. Each space cruise will last two hours and climax with six minutes of zero-gravity, sub-orbital flight. The huge terminal and hangar complex will also feature a 10,000 foot runway — long enough to handle the world’s largest aircraft.

Hmm, let’s see if commercial spaceflight would defy the odds of cosmic travel in 2-years time. Pray that no extra-terrestrial beings appear in the process. Anyways, its hangloose for now Dukes.

Proceed here for more details on Spaceport America.

[Kudos to BBC via Spaceport America]

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