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“Looking For A Japanese Girlfriend” Hoodie

June 15, 2009


For those who like Asian chicks, Japanese in particular, I was thinking that this hoodie (pictured above) could score you a geisha on the least.

Apparently there’s a whole bunch of guys in the world who wouldn’t mind getting attention from Nihonjin babes in the world. This best-selling Hoodie features clear, clean text and a message that is perhaps best translated as “Now accepting applications for Japanese girlfriends”. Features a nice red “rising sun of Japan” in the design. You never know what conversation this T-shirt could start, or where it might lead!

100% cotton black hoodie with front pocket aka kangaroo.

Now suit up then hangout with either Maria, Reon, or Yuki and start that sexy time Duke!

セクシーな時間 🙂

[Kudos to JBox]

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  1. kely permalink
    October 12, 2010 2:02 pm

    you can even make a non Japanese g/f talk and act like a Japanese one LOL

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