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Japanesque Style Custom Skins For That New iPhone 3GS

June 9, 2009


Apple‘s latest keynote from WWDC ’09 showcased, somewhat, a lackluster upgrade (IMHO) of the iPhone. As what was unveiled earlier today, the iPhone 3GS succeeded the iPhone 3G. Alright. I still don’t get it. Why this quick Mr. Jobs? Did the 3G failed to deliver what is expected from it ? Is there a void that needs to be filled with such haste?

Just 12 months after iPhone 3G, there’s a new baby in town. Actually there’s only some significant upgrades made to the latest iteration judging from this comparison chart. If you happen to own an iPhone 3G, I don’t think there’s a grave reason for you to jump up a notch and have the “S”. But yeah, sometimes you can’t resist the temptation coming from a piece of artifact. Just pray that the 3GS would prove  its worth to critics and statistics.

What do you think about this yearly iPhone syndrome? Does the majority have enough spare to use on a cellular phone that you know is gonna be on the back seat after 12 months?

Maybe custom “Japanesque” skins like the ones below can persuade you on getting an iPhone 3GS.

I’m talking about this…


Okay, that wasn’t very Duke-esque (with all the butterflies and flowers). My bad. Maybe have something wavy instead, like this…


Anyhows, the complete iPhone 3GS feature guide is here. Read first before planning out on getting one later this month.  I also highly suggest you get one of these WaSaBi modifiers if ever you decide on taking home an iPhone 3GS. As for me, I think I’m gonna pass up on 3GS and wait  for 12 months further. I have a strong feeling that the next iPhone will be it. Cross your fingers Duke. In the meantime, here’s Apple’s keynote. Hope it clears off your mind about 3GS’ hidden costs.

[Kudos to WaSaBi and Gizmodo]

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  1. June 16, 2009 8:59 pm

    mm. love it )

  2. June 29, 2009 2:20 pm

    hm. amazing..


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