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Hostel Sex: A Practical Guide For Backpackers

June 7, 2009


Summertime is looming. Its time to gear up, road trip because a new adventure lies ahead. How many of you likes to traverse the woods ala Survivor and Without a Paddle? Yeah, June till August will be perfect for testing that primary instincts. It’ll be a fun filled journey for sure. Just don’t start fighting a grizzly ok? That doesn’t work out all the time.

After a hard day full of hiking and rapid sailing, its always nice to find a place to rest. If you can’t deal with the woods and stuff, camping out at night won’t be your best option. Although a nice Hostel might be a place of interest since its where all backpackers meet and spend the rest of the night drinking beer while watching a bonfire.

But I’m not here to catch all that drama. I’m here to catch some action. Don’t you know that a Hostel is one of the places on the planet where finding a sex spot is always hard to come by? Let me reiterate the situation Duke, a Hostel room can accomodate a group of guys and gals on the same cabin. In short, it’s a royal rumble. That also means there’s a slight chance for you (and your partner) to get caught doing some filthy things. It’ll be a challenge to find an excuse if ever you get caught turning the ignition by your stranger roommate. Pray that he’s drunk enough and doesn’t mind what you’re doing (to your chick). So, here’s a practical guide for executing that Hostel carnal pleasure. The article suggests that you do those love making in the laundry room, on the roof, or wherever around the Hostel grounds. Just read it and get the tips. I’m glad to be of help. Goodluck and godspeed Dukes!

Have a fruitful summer vacation! 🙂

Don’t forget to share the stories after three months ok?

[Kudos to Brave New Traveler]

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