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Top 10: NBA Finals WAGs Of All Time

June 6, 2009

Game 1 of the NBA Finals showcased to all hoop fans how devastating the Lakers can be in a pressure-induced trophy game. Kobe and his gang displayed an all around game. There’s nothing Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic can do about that. Instead, they’ll try to seek redemption in game 2 (of their best-of-7 series) tomorrow night. Orlando better start proving themselves and outdo the wit of Kobe Bryant. I hope this year’s finals will eventually go down as one of the greatest, better if it could be an upset… because underdogs rule! Go Magic! Don’t spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r again!

Anyways, whoever wins the series truly deserve the Larry O’ Brien trophy. At this stage of the season, pressure on the players seems to be out of control. But the real pressure, I think, doesn’t come from the court or from Larry O’ Brien. I’m pretty sure Kobe, Dwight, and the other NBA superstars mostly feel it from their wives and girlfriends (WAG) watching courtside. True true. I bet any Duke out there will feel the same way especially if the chick has an aura like…ehem…

Hope Dworaczyk…


Teresa Laurenco…


or even Eva Longoria.


Can y’all dig it?

Now you know what its like to be cheered by a hottie who also happens to be the girl you’re (mostly) sleeping with. Ballers attract playmates (Hope), supermodels (Teresa), and hollywood vixens (Eva). Its all crazy. Can I be a baller too? It rocks eh? Hang loose y’all!

Check out the top 10 WAGs I’m talking about here.

[Kudos to Manofest]

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