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Online Video Feed: 2009 MTV Movie Awards!

June 2, 2009
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Haven’t watch the ceremonies yet? Its all good. You can still play catch-up via online feed. The ENTIRE 2009 MTV Movie Awards can be watched here! No kidding, its from intro to outro.


Known for being the awards show of “Pop Culture”, it was a night full of crazy funny segments. What else can you expect for an MTV-hosted awards show right? I think celebrities in attendance had a great time. Except for Eminmen who can’t crack a joke and walked out halfway through the show.  The event was as wholesome as its host Andy Samberg (of The Lonely Islandfame). I’d say he did a great job as showhost. Mr. Samberg came in to party! Overall the show fared well on my ratings. I’ve had enough dosage of Twilight mania! Oh man, those fans didn’t stop screaming for New Moon! Keep an eye on Keifer Sutherland folks. I advise you to skip his part because that messed up Ben Stiller’s moment. He over did the acting and it felt awkward in the end. Guess MTV can’t be perfect all the time no?

If you are to attend an MTV Movie Awards, moments like these…


…will make you wanna ponder for a moment, that you should look up high, wait for the flying buttman, and anticipate his agenda before his a*s-load scores a touchdown on your face.

Of course, since it was an MTV ceremony, there’s no excuse for the current IT celebs to miss this one out. Hot celebrities like Megan Fox, Vanessa Hudgens, and Kristen Stewart were all there. They’re all the talk of the town, but I’m going for Ashley Tisdale and Leighton Meester tonight though. They both looked equally FTW under my glittering eyesight. I can’t explain why. Its just that Duke. Go figure!

Anyways, its time for you to watch The Real Deal before I spoil the beans further.

Even more movie awards photos here!

[Kudos to the Music Television]

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