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Top Leakage of 2009: The Sony PSP Go!

June 1, 2009


E3 Expo is just right around the corner. In less than 24 hours, all of the game industry’s big guns are going on a lock-down. Actually the pre-E3 show has just started courtesy of leaked pictures and videos of the new PlayStation Portable iteration dubbed PSP Go! I presume the guy (or gal) responsible for such behavior has been already let Go! by Sony, but I hope that won’t happen. At least, everybody has got to know PlayStation’s newest family member earlier than expected. We have an upper hand with this one as opinions and critiques could start storming in. It’s the wonder of high-tech sabotage. Already excited for the Mylo look-a-like? So far, only a few fanboys are for it. Majority is against PSP Go! Comments here and there suggests that Sony might wanna think twice before releasing PSP Go! this fall.

Despite the nostalgia, I wanna give credit to Sony for getting rid of the UMD drive at least. Replacing UMD is a 16GB SSD, which beckons hombrew madness + galore! Although still indefinite for hacking, I guess I’m gonna leave that question for Dark-Alex to answer. At the moment, let’s  just pray this PSP won’t be featured on Failblog in the coming days because of its non-hackable facet.


Lastly, I’m sure you’re curious at this point on what other features PSP Go! has to offer eh? Besides for the built-in 16GB SSD, there’s a couple more added perks to be discovered here Duke!

Sigh, still no dual analog sticks. The placement of Select/Start is kinda awkward IMHO.

So are you gonna have it a Go! for PSP Go! ???


Custom case anyone?

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