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Crimson Red Cheeks On A G-String

May 29, 2009


I haven’t foreseen that summertime already arrived this early. Just take a look on the pic above. Observe how the sun struck its rays on those babe’s butt cheeks. Well, who’s the babe anyways? Hmmm…Not important (I suppose). Doesn’t matter (I think). Her a*s looks like a hot meal cooked under the summer heat, especially from that angle. Isn’t she magical? Sources said the “it” girl is a friend of an actress named Sanaa Lathan (the African-American girl on the background). Goddamn, she’s got fine friends eh? Sanaa’s friend surely (100%) knows how to bend it like a pro.

Now, I challenge you who among us will get to know her name first. I’ll be glad to introduce  the hot babe as soon as possible. If ever you complete the challenge before everyone else,  just drop by and share it to all. Ok Duke? Now, may I excuse myself? I’ve still got a task to tap that a*s.

By the way, if  you already fell in love with her behind, I’m sure you’ll even more love her upfront!

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