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What To Expect On The 2009 E3 Expo

May 27, 2009

E3 Expo

The countdown for E3, short for Electronic Entertainment Expo, has already begun and is ready to deploy next week. It’ll be held on the L.A convention center from June 2 – 4, 2009. Most of you Dukes know very well that E3 is one of the biggest videogame conventions for the fiscal year. If you plan on going, you might wanna check this out. Start registering first then take a peek on the event’s complex floor plan and  start mapping out those sneaky moves.

Planning out where to go would probably the best move you’ll make. It’ll be a major hassle if you just storm in and wander at the moment. As the Big Three of the gaming industry reveal their plans for the next 365 days, my only concern is if ever this year’s E3 would deliver. We all wanna hear some serious news from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo no? At least for Sony’s keynote, I expect an announcement about the next iteration of PSP or the new heavily rumored PS3 “80GB SKU”.  On the other hand, I wanna hear Microsoft talk about the unveiling of “The Ballad of Gay Tony”. It sounds gay but, who knows? It maybe well worth the naming convention. As for Nintendo’s keynote, substantial info about Wii Fit Plus would be awesome.

The build up for this year’s E3 has been as high as it ever was. Critics will definitely anticipate the expo to be a complete extravaganza. All I can do now is wish all the game developers luck, that everthing may run good as f*ck next week.

But of course, E3 won’t be complete without…


Oh yeah! This is what I truly expect from E3.

And if you can’t get enough of the hype, try playing this and this first. Its Bingo but you can predict which ever comes true from the list. Enjoy!

See you there Dukes! Get ready to be floored in 7 days!

One time. One place. One event.

[Kudos to E3]


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