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The “Salt & Pepper Cell” Is Not A Battery

May 26, 2009

Don’t be fooled with what you are about to see Duke. They aren’t exactly what you thought em’ to be. At first glance, the Salt & Pepper Cell looks like your typical radio battery, but guess what,  they’re not. You aren’t mighty close at all. Its industrial touch is only a cover up.

I dunno how to put it into simple terms, but you gotta believe these are dining table shakers. Cool isn’t it? I know its hard, but its true. That’s just how The Cell rolls. Its THE Pimp. Some people are just crazy enough to come up with this kind of idea.


By far, these are the most bada*s condiment shakers that’s in existence. You gotta agree with me on this one. The D-size battery inspired Salt & Pepper Cell is made of stainless steel and glass. As far as these pics can tell, the shakers come in Red&Turquoise and Black&White. Not exactly sure if this concept design will ever push through a retail release soon, but I really hope it does.


They can even notify you if the cells are already empty or still stuffed. How’s that for a power bar eh?


What’s more astonishing is the fact that Antrepo4 even said that they’re aiming for a minimalist design with this one. All I wanna ask  now is… What kind of engineers do they have? How can the shakers be on the context of minimalist design? But seriously, those engineers create unbelievable and unique gadgetry inside the lab. They know how to work it out. You dig em’ Duke?

[Kudos to Antrepo4]

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