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Maria Sharapova: Bonjour From Paris!

May 25, 2009


Just so you know, this Siberian Siren hasn’t been in a competitive tennis match for almost 10 months. Lucky for Maria Sharapova, her shoulder injury recovered just in time for the French Open. Even though she’s been off the court for quite some time, Maria stayed in touch with her fans via weekly Doodles. Have a sample by clicking  jump below. It’s like a diary, but open to the public. She’s touring her 1st grand slam event since last year’s Wimbledon. Actually, it starts today Dukes. Anastasiya Yakimova will be Maria’s 1st round opponent.

So there you have it. Its official. I can proudly announce that Maria’s back! But cross your fingers and hope she gets past the opening round at least though. We all know she’s got that A-game, but the long drought might pile up on her performance. Maria’s 2007 semi-final  was her best performance yet on the red clay. Good luck this year Masha!

Go figure. Watch Maria demonstrate to all of us once again that there’s a fierce competitor behind such pretty face. That’s why I love this Russian tennis babe, she’s very deceiving. It’s more powerful than her two-handed backhand. Certainly.

Maria Sharapova says…



We arrived to Paris last night, and it still amazes me how beautiful it is here every single time I arrive.

I am really happy with the way things went last week in Warsaw. Obviously I would like to win every single tournament I play, but to be able to finally compete in a tournament after so many months was just amazing.

The food was fantastic and who would have thought Warsaw is the new Beverly Hills in the paparazzi department!
Anyways I just wanted to send you a quick a hello….

I cannot wait to wear my new dress on court here…it is one of my all time faves! And of course the Tiffany earings…so beautiful! Only hint I can give, is that the color theme is different shades of blue.

I took a day off today, but currently doing my shoulder exercises!  Shouldn’t really be typing this right now haha.

Take Care!!


Can’t handle Maria? There’s even more Doodles and updates on her official website.

[Kudos to Maria Sharapova]


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