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The 10 Sexiest Computers In History?

May 19, 2009
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Some geeks at Boing Boing have recently compiled for what they believe the ten most beautiful computers in history. Yes, what they meant by history dates back as far as the ancient times or B.C. era stuff y’all. Don’t get me wrong, who would’ve thought that the Antikythera Mechanism (150-100 BC) was forever lost along with the Greek Empire ruins huh? Almost everyone I guess. Well at least, Boing Boing did some serious time travelling just to have this archive. Kudos to them! Even if those computers aren’t as uber as this one, its just great to know that our ancestors were resourceful enough to make something look damn hot without any help from the latest gadgetry we have at present. The article is a testament that Old School rocks!

I’ve got several questions though: Should the Abacus be included on the list? Or its just too boring  to be nominated at least?…Why isn’t the human brain included in the list? Its the only mechanism where I get to see all of them naked altogether! I think I should veto Boing Boing’s list then. Anyways, let me hear your thoughts Duke!


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