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A Week Full Of Celebrity Scandals…Whew!

May 16, 2009


This past week (or so) has been great for leaked / hacked or perhaps private celebrity photos. It is probably the busiest ever for trouble makers out there. Y’all did a great job, that’s all I can say. Thank you (especially P.Diddy) for sharing the hot R&B singer Cassie. Now we know that she’s got her boobs pierced. You’re right Cassie, there’s nothing to be ashamed of because you’ve got a nice pair!  Hope you land another hit off the music charts in the near future my dear. The same story goes for Cassie’s R&B counterpart Rhianna. Her bod is so irresistibly smokin’  that Chris Brown had to do more than just a*s spanking to cool down (so he gave her a black eye). Check em’ all out Duke. Yeah, it appears that Cassie and Rhianna have something in common when it comes to piercing eh? Damn!

And finally here’s Miss California Carrie Prejean! She got the most attention (out of the three) from all the press and pappers this week. It was due to her FTW answer about same sex marriage on pageant night that made Perez Hilton and her chuva wagon squeal like Cold Turkeys. To follow up that incident, she detonated a bomb full of her pre-pageant photos. The ones of the scandalous kind to be exact. It really made Carrie a household name not just in California, that’s for sure. She said that it was just windy on the day of her photoshoot, which explains why her nippled popped out of nowhere. So that’s it for clarification Miss Cali?… Nice one! Just the way I like it. Simply controversial. Go figure!

Well I guess that’s it for today’s entry Duke.

Oops, here’s a Bonus Scandal: Katrina Halili. Had to sneak that one out because I feel good right now. Hope that next week (and the succeeding weeks after that) will be as fruitful as well no? Yipikayay!

[Photo Credits: TMZ, Egotastic!, Popcrunch]

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