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Want a PATA-SHIRT? Then Send Your PATA-PIC!

May 14, 2009

Heads up Duke! The Patapon Tribe heard everyone’s outcry for more Pon-pon Pata-pon. Sony is giving you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to collect some exclusive Patapon merchandise. A Pata-Shirt is up for grabs y’all! If you ain’t down with that, well, just wanna stress out (with matching battle-drums) that the Pata-Shirt won’t be hitting retail stores anytime soon. So that means, winning the prize makes you a Pata-schwag.

C’mon show some Pata-Luv people. Enter the contest. Read the rules on how to score one here!

Do it fast Duke! Don’t let these four jargons fight alone and win the battle against the Zigoton Empire. Send that Pata-Pic ASAP.

Also, if you still haven’t, try to grab a copy now! Patapon 2 is only available on the PlayStation Network. Ka-ching!

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