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Models Just Wanna Have Fun

May 7, 2009


Two of Australia’s top models were just caught on one of those controversial nights by The Cobra Snake. Both you and sizzling,  Tallulah Morton and Stephanie Carta are shown here behaving badly after a hard day’s night on the catwalk. Can’t blame those two Aussie babes for having a nightlife like this. Pundits have recently voiced out their concern for Ms. Morton and Carta’s successive midnight shennanigans. Yeah, like who cares eh? These girls just wanna unwind. I guess at some point in time, strutting the ramp night in and night out can lead to craziness. So give em’ a break. They need it. Maybe some are right, and others are not. But, let them be crazy hot! If Tallulah and Stephanie wanna learn it the hard way, then by all means, leave em’ aside. The most important thing is… that the racy pictures are in the house. Alright! Witness Tallulah and Stephanie turn into party animals after the jump. Rack em’ up Duke!

[Kudos to The Vine]

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