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Sky Is The Limit With DJ Tamara Sky

May 2, 2009


Remember that high school cheer coach? I’ma 100% sure you do. Today, I’ll share you another hottie who took the unconventional path towards our hearts (and balls) Duke. I’m confident that you won’t see a Disc Jockey everyday doing some revealing eye-openers. Her fairy tale story goes like this…

DJ Tamara Sky is probably best known to be responsible for inducing pretty much edgy music on different nighclubs around the planet. To make things more interesting than house beats and turntable scratchin’, Tamara would just like you to know that she is also a model. Not just any model, but a Miss Puerto Rico Bikini title holder and a Playboy centerfold model as well. Yeah, no wonder why most of the Dukes dance to her curves and struts more than anything else. If Tamara’s good at bringin’ the house down , she’s better at takin’ her clothes off…All the way downtown. I’d tell ya, Tamara looks better without anything on.

Whew, what a CV she got there huh? A  House DJ / National Bikini Model / Frickin’ Playmate! Check her stuff below. I guess her being featured as a centerfold model is just an icing on the cake. Tamara’s beat has style y’all. She’s no poser.

Sky is truly the limit Tamara! Keep up the good vibes! Hang Loose!


You could also follower her tweet Duke!


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