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Frank Miller’s Charlie Brown

April 27, 2009

Known for his film-noir themed tour de force (ala 300 and Sin City), Frank Miller‘s style will forever be a talk of the town.  This culture  actually started some sixty years ago, during those times when Mafia members were hunted down by the lone ranger Dick Tracy. Thanks to contemporary films like Watchmen, The Dark Knight, and Pulp Fiction, the noir culture is still on! Everyone wants that dark, strange, and erotic mood once in a while eh? Would you think that Nancy Callahan will be equally hot if she wasn’t noir enough? And those 300 Spartans, would they still sport 10-pack abs if they weren’t that noir? Yeah, I don’t think so. Even Snoopy’s buddy Charlie Brown converted to Miller’s stylish touch, with the help of some fanboys. Check out Schultz City: That Yellow Shirted Such and Such above. There’s full of win in every pixel. If you thought it was sensational, you’ll have fun lookin’ at these other hilarious Sin City-inspired posters. Oh man, I’ve never thought Cinderella and Snow White looked this good in noir. Hang loose Duke!

[Photo Credit: Cinematical]

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