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Best Bars To Watch MMA Events

April 17, 2009
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UFC 97 is coming soon. Its bound to happen in less than 24 hours actually. Technically, its good to watch such extravaganzas at the expense of your own couch and HDTV right? But what if I say there’s a better way…a very much better way to watch all of the action?

Instead of being home and alone, why don’t you go somewhere more conducive for seeing MMA’s? Places that have more people, liquor, and most importantly…women! Oorah! Make some noise with all the gents and have fun with em’ ladies. Then top that with a shot of tequila. Perhaps a body shot on one of the ladies could be on your scorecards. Ain’t that more appropriate huh? In short, go to a bar Duke! I’m sure there’s lots of em’ around town.

Yeah, I say that’s what you do. By the way, I’d like to share a list of the best bars for watching MMA events.  Check that out here. Just enjoy yourself and let the show take over.

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