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Access Your Local Sports Network With DSi

April 14, 2009


With Nintendo’s newest device, the DSi, many casual gamers question what kind of difference an  “i” could make to convince you on buying one. Well, you might wanna head down to Seattle and watch a local baseball game to find out. Witness Nintendo as its sports Fan Network debuts in front of a sell-out crowd inside the Mariners’ stadium.  The recently released handheld can now be used by spectators to watch live video feeds (including instant replays), play interactive games, and view updates regarding other on-going baseball games as well. While watching the Mariners send baseballs on the outfield, DSi holders also have the unique ability to order food and drinks for delivery directly to the fan’s seat.

Ain’t that something new for the “i” eh? Just be careful not to be hit by a ball on a homerun though. Fan Network might only benefit the Seattle Mariners’ fans today, but Nintendo plans to extend its  service to different parts of the US and across several other sports as well (in the near future). Now, why of all places Seattle was the city chosen by Nintendo to introduce Fan Network huh? Do you have a wild guess? Maybe you could find out the answer to that here Duke.

[Kudos to TechRadar]

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