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A Sexy Soccerette From Buenos Aires

April 7, 2009


Here’s today’s story. Its UEFA Champions League (UCL) night once again! I was reluctant looking for a site that streams live coverage of football (soccer) matches. Hoping to catch some UCL action, I stumbled upon FCFootballBlog. Sure it streams match feeds, but as I was browsing through the pages, I found something more than I bargained for. All of a sudden, kabaam! A hot latina shows up from nowhere. I mean, I didn’t expect that the sexy Melina Pitra to be featured on a site dedicated for streaming soccer videos. So yeah, I liked what I saw and now here she is. I present to you, a what-a-coincidence find, Melina Pitra in her bikinis. Now you know where to watch live football games eh? Going to FCFootballBlog is like hitting two birds with a stone.

Catch some UCL drama tonight Duke. Its Villareal CF contra Arsenal FC for match number 1. Match number 2 will be Manchester United FC versus FC Porto.

But first, catch some highlights in action below of the sexy Argentine.

Update: Both matches went on to draw. Manchester United FC – FC Porto (2-2 final score) ; Villareal CF – Arsenal FC (1-1 Final Score)

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery

[Kudos to FCFootballBlog]

“Quiero hacer el amor con Melina” – Anonymous

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