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JamLegend unleashes your inner rockstar ala Guitar Hero / RockBand, For FREE!

March 30, 2009


There’s nothing more fun than self-pretending to be a rockstar while playing along the beats of  Guitar Hero or RockBand. But boy oh boy, these music based rhythm games become expensive as soon as new tracks become available for download. From time to time, you have to purchase and download some new songs to have a fresh library of music. But even so, I have nothing against the notion coz’ Guitar Hero and RockBand made plastic instruments interesting to play with.

But now, a new alternative have prevailed. Its available online (just went Open Beta). Its FREE. No nonsense. Its just JamLegend!  Hey, it surely plays nothing like Guitar Hero or RockBand but without those plastic guitar instruments. No plastic drums either. So what instrument are you goin’ to rock with?

Well, look at the image below.


Yep, JamLegend tickles your imagination using a Keyboard. For the first time, you’re gonna jam with the numpad and Enter keys. The Keyboard is the new guitar. If you wanna imitate the real thing, I suggest you use F1 to F5. For now, JamLegend is a guitar-exclusive game.

But  don’t fret for a bit as JamLegend is still in its beta. The pundits have spoken and said that:

“We’re planning on adding keyboard, drums, bass, and (due to popular request)… cowbell. You will be able to play as a team with your friends and literally “jam” online against others. Expect to see those in the next few months.”

Cowbell?…Really?…Who wants to play the cowbell for the band?… Holy cow! WTF!?!

JamLegend isn’t just simply an online game. It won’t be revolutionary if it just went behind Hero’s and Band’s rhythm. Besides being a cool online music game, JamLegend also freely accepts new content from its users. So if you’re a music artist, exploit the opportunity, upload your craft and get discovered in an instant!


Not only that, JamLegend is also a social network which focuses on multiplayer duels or showdowns per se. Party games will surely never be the same from now on.


Finally, the breakdown regarding JamLegend’s features:

  • Turn-based Multiplayer – Duel your friends through E-mail, IM, or social networks (coming soon!) and let them play on their schedule.
  • Real-time Massive Multiplayer –  Take on thousands of users in live, real-time showdowns.
  • New SongsExperience new songs as artists join the JamLegend Platform
  • Compete Against The World –  Become JamLegendry as you see how you rank against other players from around the world
  • Tournaments – Earn prizes for being the best

JamLegend – Music Gaming Unleashed. Join Now! Turn that Keyboard to the other side. Let’s Rock Dukes!

Add me up: dinogerard

[Kudos to JamLegend]

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  1. March 30, 2009 6:06 pm

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. the grand duke permalink
    March 30, 2009 11:32 pm

    thanks matt! hope you could try playing JamLegend sometime. 🙂

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