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Tomorrow’s Gaming Is “OnLive”

March 24, 2009


GDC 2009 has officially started! Its another time of the year when videogame developers all over the planet converge and show off their stuff. Its first day was already a handful (of promising news). Who among you know a company by the name of Rearden Studios? I bet you haven’t heard them before. Me neither. But everything changed when Rearden announced an in-house project called OnLive.  Life became different after that, for the video game industry at least.  Probably if you try to Google OnLive, hundreds of publications are already available by now. That’s how massive the aftermath of such an event. Many were left startled. Including myself. So I’m really sorry If  can’t explain anything at the moment, coz’ the subject matter is  just that unbelievable. OnLive is mind-bugling and orgasmic. I’m sure you’ll feel the same way after knowing the gist.

How would it feel if you could play any game on a PC or a TV regardless of its graphical requirements? Pretty startling eh?  Rearden explained that by availing the OnLive service, games like Crysis (which is known to be a GFX whore) can be played on a low-end PC or even on a TV!  All you need is a PC or TV, a decent broadband net connection, and the OnLive MicroConsole. Plus, Rearden said that the OnLive service will be “cheaper than the Wii”. Hell, that part made gamers even more curious and interested.

To put it into simple matters, it’ll be best if the pictures below explain the whole drama behind the OnLive and its MicroConsole.

Here’s how the concept works:


The OnLive MicroConsole:


Here, lemme show you some clips about what OnLive is all about.

Hit the Jump first before things start rollin’


Watch these videos while I star-gaze out in the night, pondering upon OnLive‘s innate potential.

Developer Interview Part 1

Developer Interview Part 2

OnLive Realtime Demo @ GDC ’09

[Video Credits: GT and IGN; Photo Credit: Engadget]

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