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Lamborghini Estoque: Sent To The “Junkyard”

March 22, 2009


As I was browsing for some automotive news (looking for some new rides), I saw this rather regretful article about Lamborghini’s concept car called Estoque. Pundits noted that Lamborghini won’t be releasing the Estoque in the market. For good. Forever. Sigh. Darn it.

Finding about the fate of Estoque wasn’t that gratifying at all. Not because (start of dream) I’m planning to buy one (end of dream), but because I truly adorn these wonders of the exotic kind. Who isn’t anyway? Who doesn’t want to be in the presence of a new 4-door super-sedan? It was supposed to be Lamborghini’s first stint in the sedan category. Oh my, it could have been FTW! I guess Lamborghini will be sticking to their back-to-basics strategy, especially with the on-going global economic turmoil (still wild and fresh). Reports said that Lamborghini will just focus on bringing new models of Gallardo and Murcielago for the meantime. Like this one Duke.

Anyways, check out the Estoque gallery here. As for me, I have to go back finding more automotive topics. Hopefully I’ll find something cheerful this time. Cheers!


[Kudos to Autocar]


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