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“Big Sis” is one Sexy Machine

March 11, 2009

Big Sis (pictured below) made it to the cover of next month’s Game Informer. Its her first public appearance before BioShock 2 comes out. Nope, she’s not the yellow-eyed little girl just so you know.  That thing where the little girl sits is Big Sis. Don’t expect her to be any sexy or gentle on you Duke. There’s a reason why Big Sis is called Big Sis. From the looks of it, she might be just the nastiest b*tch you’ll ever meet. With that fierce red eye, for sure, Big Sis will be deadly gorgeous. Be ready for a showdown when BioShock 2 comes out at the end of this year.

If you find it hard to thrust her life out when you go virtual mano y mano, try to use lots of lube, cock that gun, and pray it would do the trick. Capiche? 😉

Lock n’ Load Duke!


Click on the photo to see Big Sis’ full frontal body shot.

[Kudos to Kotaku via Game Informer]

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