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Countdown To The Hottest Brazilian Models Of All Time

March 10, 2009

Brazil is home to some of the most beautiful ladies ever known by mankind. The likes of Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen have conquered the modeling industry for years. They strut the catwalk with such oozing sex appeal, enough to make your instincts go wild. But in the world of high fashion, some ladies come, and some ladies go. But there’s a list that immortalizes women of such exotic-amazonian beauty. The aura never fades. These Brazilian babes are truly icons in history of the fashion business. A list for the hottest Brazilian models of all time is well deserved for such evolutionary participation.

Click on images for full size viewing pleasure

The countdown includes Izabela Goulart (FTW)…


…Anna Beatriz-Barros also made the cut…


…and of course, never count out Alessandra Ambrosio!


Jump here to see that mucho sexo list. Cheers! 😉

[Kudos to Manofest]


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