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Doom + Diablo = Dabomb

March 8, 2009

Videogame fanatics of the 90’s would definitely remember how ground-breaking Doom was. Its gameplay transformed the whole FPS genre. Consequently for those whole like beating up demons, in an unorthodox top-down view, there was Diablo. I believe it was the best turn-based RPG of its generation. Both games were received by audiences worldwide with critical acclaim.

Here’s the deal. What if Diablo was an FPS? Well, at least, there was Hellgate: London (meh!). But what if Doom was transformed into an action-RPG like Diablo? Sounds silly? or sensible? I guess you better try it yourself Duke. If Software brings you Doom: Fall of Mars. The game surely looks like Doom but definitely plays like Diablo. Check out the screenshots above.

Its a complete hybrid per se. On a visual standpoint, expect old school graphics and sprites from the original Doom and Doom 2. Nonetheless, set aside the graphics, Doom: Fall of Mars is still one hell of a rockin’ concept.

Download Doom: FoM here…with haste!

[Kudos to GearCrave]

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