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The Heavenly Shower

March 5, 2009


Tired of going to your local spa to have some acupuncture treatment? Take a look at this very heavenly Aquapeutics Luxury Steam Shower. It might be the answer to your problem. This over-the-top shower might look like a teleportation deck from an alien colony, but hey, having this in your bathroom puts Ironman and Batman (together with their gadget whiz and billion dollar empires) to complete shame.

You might be wondering what kind of features does this shower have. Well, aside from the shower heads, it has a touchscreen LCD TV and MP3 sound system. Both are waterproof by the way. Plus, it has its own steam generator and massage jets. It also has underwater LED lights to set your showering tone and mood right. Tranquility at its finest eh?

Lastly, it has the state-of-the-art and first-of-its-kind “Shower Companion”. It is a life size holographic system. Courtesy of an on-board smart chip, you could program specifics to have someone with you inside the shower. That means anyone, Keeley Hazell, Victoria’s Secret Angels, you name it. All of em’ could be at your disposal in just a snap. You could only program one companion at a time though.  But still, every shower would be a tantric experience from then on. So you can just go, “Oh I wanna take a bath with Megan Fox today and with Olivia Munn tomorrow…Cha-Ching!”. Ain’t that sweet realism Dukes?

Okay, that last statement was complete crap. Not true folks. Only in my/your dreams. But with a price tag of $4,300, nothing could go wrong with this.

[Kudos to Switched via Aquapeutics]

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