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Message from Planet Helghan: Tomorrow We Shall Conquer

February 26, 2009

Finally, the most hyped-up relic ever to be discovered by man is arriving on American shores and to the rest of the world. The next 24 hours is crucial. Killzone 2 pandemonium has spread in massive proportions all over the planet. In order to aid  that, Sony and Guerilla Games launched the Killzone 2 Webgame. Although its not on par with its PS3 version, the webgame could be worth playing for at least 24 hours. It should keep you up while you wait for the real thing (I hope so).

Gameplay of the KZ2 Webgame is ala Time Crisis, House of the Dead, and Virtua Cop. Once you’ve installed it on your browser, you can beat the hell out of the Helghast Army while browsing through the net (for some P**N, or whatever).

Here’s the Webgame trailer. Yipikayay!

Join the World Wide War here. See you on the scoreboards Duke!

Pre-order KZ2 now at Gamestop / EBGames.

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