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Coco Rocha vlog welcomes you to her blog

February 20, 2009

There’s nothing but good news Dukes. I have something about Coco Rocha, a Canadian Supermodel. She maybe not a household name yet, but I do believe that her time on the spotlight is about to come. Especially with those girl-next-door hotness, it wouldn’t be long before men all over the world becomes hypnotized to Coco. And while waiting for that, here she is inviting everyone to Oh So Coco (its her blog). After checking it out myself, I must say Coco is a rock n’ roll chic! The blog literally welcomes you to her life. Articles are all much about her daily adventures from inside and out of the modeling industry. Its a no holds barred, everything goes type of blog. Even random thoughts of hers while walking the catwalk are posted there. Plus, the blog is regularly updated, which is a really great thing. Oh So Coco is for the win! Its a celebration Dukes!

Now, immerse yourself and see Oh So Coco if you still haven’t. Below is Coco presenting her welcome remarks.

[Kudos to Coco]


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