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Sony launches “greenest ever” BRAVIA HDTV

February 17, 2009

Go green. Go BRAVIA green!

Electronics manufacturers around the world are pushing the limits to save the planet by developing “eco-friendly” products. That’s why green is macho nowadays. And what a great time for Sony to show off some green skills. Sony’s WE5 BRAVIA HDTV is labeled as the “Green TV”. Why? Because it uses 50 percent less power than all the previous BRAVIA models, thanks to a new micro-tubular Hot Cathode Flourescent Lamp (HCFL) backlight. Plus, the “Green TV” also features an “Intelligent Presence Sensor” (will be explained later) to really help in cutting the costs of your electric bill. So it essentially offers Full HD picture quality while consuming less electricity.


It all boils down on how this “Intelligent Presence Sensor” works to determine how green the “Green TV” really is. According to Sony, the “Intelligent Presence Sensor” detects body heat and movement in the room. This means that if you leave the room  for a glass of drink, while WE5 is turned on, it enters to a “Picture-Off” state. Yup, no picture display, you’ll only hear audio playing in the background. When you go back in, the picture automatically goes back on, like magic!  If ever you don’t go back, WE5 would literally turn off in itself. As in turned off. Not stand by. Turned off.


No wonder why WE5 is the “Green TV”. This BRAVIA HDTV truly suits the environmentalist Duke. As reported, it comes in 40- and 46-inch sets. Both are Full HDTVs. Both are running with BRAVIA Engine 3 for improved detailing and clarity, along with Motionflow 100Hz technology incorporating Image Blur Reduction, boosting the displayed frame rate for smoother, sharper sports and fast-moving action scenes.

WE5 is expected to come out this summer. See more details on the “Green TV” here.


[Kudos to Sony]

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