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Philippine Football was given a Red Card

February 9, 2009

Football (or Soccer, if you live in the United States) is highly considered as the global game. Whenever a FIFA World Cup is hosted, time stops as the whole world watch the beautiful game. That is true, except in a country called the Philippines. At present, football is only a minority sport in the Philippines regardless of its wonderful historical record in the country. Just to give you a quick rundown, the Philippine Football Federation  (PFF) was founded in 1907. While the Japanese Football Association, considered today as Asia’s football powerhouse, was founded in 1921. Oh man, what a shame. Considering that the Philippines was one of Asia’s pioneers in football, nothing as in nothing happened to  Filipino Football. So why football didn’t work out for Pinoys? I don’t know the exact reasons but I believe that several factors affected the footy fame in the country. Maybe it has something to do with history, when the Spaniards left the country and the Americans came in. Who knows right?

I’ll give you some hints, just hints on why football is a disaster in the Philippines. To tell you, I’m not a member or affiliated whatsoever to PFF, I just like reading the news.

Last week, PFF sacked the coaching staff of RP (Republic of the Philippines) Futsal women’s team. Why would PFF do that? The team’s on a roll! They just won a bronze medal in the last ASEAN games. The funny thing is, the whole team made it through without support, including the PFF. Yeah, you read that right. The whole women’s futsal team travelled to Thailand for the ASEAN games on their own. Because of the circumstances and decisions made by PFF, the whole women’s futsal team resigned as well on the same day their coaches were sacked. The event has clearly nothing to do with the coaching staff . So, what is the reason behind all this drama? History can’t be blamed but I think I know the reason, I just think. Go figure it out yourself. Some hints are already in this article and there are more here.

Update: RP Football men’s coach Juan Cutillas call it quits today following the resignation of RP Futsal women’s team last week. The news article is here.

“Melt it down PFF! Take a break!” -anonymous Duke

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  1. vince bautista permalink
    February 9, 2009 8:41 am

    screw PFF!!! bunch of.A**h*les!!!!

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